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Simply the Best Baklava in the World!

simply the best baklava

Have you ever heard of the phrase “You are what you eat”?

Of course you have! But have you ever heard the story behind it?

Once upon a time, on a small island in the Aegean Sea, there was a strange myth: The people of the island possessed a magical recipe for a baklava that will make you live a life full of love and happiness. It was a secret they guarded like a precious treasure!

But one day, a king from a faraway land summoned the most well-known baker of the small island to his palace, a young and beautiful girl. “What is the secret to your magic baklava?” he asked. “How can I have a joyful life, like you do?”

The girl smiled. “It’s not magic at all!” she replied. “It’s all about the ingredients! My father always used to tell me that we are what we eat.” The king was listening curiously. “So, I always make sure I use the best ingredients for my baklava. Ingredients that guarantee a delightful result, that can only bring a great smile upon our faces!” The king laughed. Who knew that living a long and cheerful life could be so easy!

Today, we use the very same simple, pure and natural ingredients for Simply Baklava, so that, just like the king, you can live happily ever after!

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Simply the best Baklava is the highest-grade Baklava made anywhere in the world. It is hand-crafted through very experienced hands, and proprietary processes to create such tasty sweets.

Always made of the finest ingredients, 1st class pistachios, and grade A nuts.


Jane Billings

I stumbled upon this at HomeGoods. WOW ! Never imagined I could find great baklava premade. Delicious!

Brenda Peters

The very best Baklava, the best size and just wonderful. Keep up such a nice product.