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Our Baklava Collections

Around approximately the 8th century B.C., Assyrians baked thin layers of dough with nuts, poured honey over it, and enjoyed this scrumptious treat. Baklava was only baked on special occasions, usually for the rich who can afford such a luxury.

Ask the Greeks and they will say: “The Lebanese stole the recipe

Ask the Lebanese and they will say: “The Greeks stole the recipe

Ask the Turkish and they will say: “Our Pashas and Viziers (rulers) owned the recipe

Ask the Armenians and they will say: “We invented and improved the recipe

Ask all of them and they will say: “Our baklava is better than all the rest” and “Our pronunciation is the correct pronunciation of the word Baklava

Best Baklava in the World!

Laura Robayo

Delicious Baklava, best of the best! Loved the box and complete presentation!

Brenda Peters

The very best Baklava, the best size and just wonderful. Keep up such a nice product.

Eva Andrey

It is some seriously great baklava! Would highly recommend! Nice assortment, good price, attractive packaging. Keep up good work, guys!

Don Friedman

Absolutely fantastic!!, I found it in a Kroger supermarket…

Jane Billings

I stumbled upon this at HomeGoods. WOW ! Never imagined I could find great baklava premade. Delicious!

Susan Lawrence

Was perfect size to serve with lemonade and coffee at our church. So many compliments from everyone who tasted it!